“Now the Wine & Law Program already has a story to tell. Nearly 10 years after the launch of its first activities, we are very proud of the results that the team can present. The Jean Monnet Chair in Regulation of the wine sector, the award of the OIV Prize for work on wine law and public health, the recognition of the Summer School on a global scale with applications from all the continents, the development of activities such as the international seminar on wine law in its context and the Moot Court, the Vin & Droit collection at Mare & Martin editions, and of course the work done within the framework of the Master 2 and the integration of our graduates are among the successes of the Program.

All this would not be possible without the support of our partners who honor us with their confidence and their support, financial, logistical, moral: the European Commission, the Moët Hennessy Group, the FAFSEA, the Champagne Committee, the AIDV and our partners academic, such as the Universities of Salvador in Argentina and Davis in California or the Burgundy School of Business.

The educational team, guest teachers, central services of the University, and CRDT staff, Ms. Monique Dessalles and Stéphanie Ouhibi, providing administrative management, all played their decisive role in consolidating this project in so few of time and not always optimal conditions.

A big thank you is, in the end, to send to our students, young and old, our permanent source of inspiration. The creation of the Alumni Association allows us to build on this wealth for the future. Some have decided to support us in a more sustainable way, in particular the first three research beneficiaries who were chosen on their merits to work on very interesting questions for the sector; others have already entered working life or are about to do so; and without forgetting our Fall School students who left us a sweet memory before leaving for distant destinations and spreading the vision of the Wine & Law Program.

The Wine & Law Program is more ready than ever to take up educational and research challenges, in close collaboration with its partners at regional and international levels.

Because, it is precisely this vision that has animated the project from its conception and until today. A certain conception of the law of wine and spirits which sees it as practical questions but also of great theoretical contribution. A vision that challenges the cleavage between “professionalizing” and “theoretical” training, between “French” and “foreign” training and which apprehends vitivinicultural legal issues in their historical, geographic, economic and – why not? – in interaction with the natural sciences. This is what the Wine & Law Program stands for: a certain understanding of the law of wine and spirits at the service of the professional world and legal science.

The challenges for the future are many, starting with the inscription of Champagne on the UNESCO World Heritage list calls for a mobilization of educational programs towards this direction. Environmental, global warming and product traceability issues are creating new needs in the world of wine and spirits. A Europe that is looking for its way, and its world of wine with it…”