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The EU Updates its Spirit Regulation : Regulation 2019/787

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tdl 23 minutes “This Article looks at the details of the changes with regards to the protection of spirit drinks as geographical indications, as well as some of the other significant changes introduced.”

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The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the Australian export market

The trend of wine consumption during the Covid-19 pandemic shows that consumers buy local wine. This trend has a noticable impact on the Australian market since January 2020.

Read the article here.

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The ecommerce trend in India

The Covid-19 crisis brought numerous changes to the habbits of wine consummers around the world. A new trend emerges from the pandemic: ecommerce.
India is seems to have adopted this new way of purchasing alcohol very quickly.

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Exceptional regulation

Safety guidelines for vineyard workers – Australia

The Australian wine industry has been heavily impacted by the Covid-19 crisis, along many countries.

Here is a guideline for workers to avoid exposure and risk contamination by the virus. Note that it is not a statement for the Australian government.

Read the guideline from winetitles media.

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Alcohol consumption in the US during the epidemic

Around the world the Covid-19 epidemic brought hughe transformations in the way peopole buy and consume alcohol. There is the situation in the US.

Read the article here.

Wine Sales Defy Doom and Gloom.


The concerning situation of the South American vineyard

The Covid-19 epidemic has an impact particulary heavy on the South American vineyard. The climat in 2020 in an other factor that challenges the situation in the Southern Hemisphere.

Read the article form the drinks business.

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The similarities between the 2008 and Covid-19 crises

A study examined both the 2008 crisis and the Covid-19 epidemic and their impact on the wine sector. It found similarities and tries to forshadow the outcome on the sector

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Webinar – Consumer wine consumption behaviour during and post COVID-19 in Australia, UK and the USA

The Covid-19 crisis has impacts on the consumer wine consumption. Studies showed that the sale of local wine incresed. Join the Webinar on Wednesday 20 May to learn more about this topic.

More details.


Wine distillation scheme in France

The wine industry faces financial difficulties due to the Covid-19 crisis. To overcome those, the French government intend to support the sector.

Read the article on the drinks business.

Alcohol sales

What will post Covid-19 wine industry look like?

There have been a lot of adaptation from both customers and the industry to the pandemic.

The e-commerce identified as a reliable way to purchase alcohol and might just be the next trend.

But the industry can only guess what a post coronavirus world will be.

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