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New labelling law in Ireland for alcohol products

Ireland is well-known for being precursor at enforcing new laws on alcoholic products that are widely regarded as restrictive, either regarding the taxation, or, in this case, regarding labelling.

Read the article from the Irish Ministers for Health.

Find the Irish law here.

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Ingredients on wine label: a study on consumer’s perception

A study dealing with: "Wine labelling with the list of ingredients: context, consumer’s perception and future challenges" was just released in anticipation of the new European reglementation. The study questions the perception by the consumer of different types of ingredients on the label.

Read the study here.


WHO synthesis report : labelling practice in the EU and labelling policy

Labelling is a widely debated topic in the wine industry. Its importance is not to prove and the elements that should mandatory be on a label are debated. WHO just published a synthesis on the european practices, the barriers and facilitators to development and implementation of alcohol labelling policy which includes health and nutritional informations.

Find the report here.


Toward a mandatory ingredient labelling on the wine bottle?

Putting the ingredients of any alcoholic beverage on the label of the bottle is a subdject that more people are talking about. Both in the US and in the EU.

Read the article on Forbes.

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