Since Jus Vini’s creation, and lately, Jus Vini blog’s, students from the Wine and Law Program are actively participating in the cycle of those journals. This participation is now fully integrated in the study cycle.

Objectives : Jus Vini / Jus Vini blog – Editing & writing aims at preparing students for “after the graduation”. There is training at writing and searching for academic purposes and students are connected with Alumni in order to help develop a network for the students.

Organization : There are two types of activies under Jus Vini / Jus Vini blog – Editing & writing.

  • The editing includes a participation for the publication of the next issue of Jus Vini. It deals with proofreading articles from autors, searching for, on the one the one hand, the respect of the editorial requierements of the Journal, and on the other hand, enriching the footnotes.
  • The writing allows students to pair with an Alumni in order to write an article on a topic of wine law, linked with the news. The Alumni guides the student for the search of documentation and the preparation of a guideline for the article.

The editing and the writing take place during the academic period, along with regular deadlines. Those exercices have more value than just a mark, as for the writing, the best articles, with an appropriate topic might be published either on Jus Vini or Jus Vini blog.

The publication of the article or its absence has no impact on the grade delivered for the Jus Vini / Jus Vini blog – Editing & writing activity.

Jus Vini / Jus Vini blog – Editing & writing, besides training the students for the rigorous work expected from a lawyer, allows to englight some affinity with accademic research. This activity is a good exercice for further work linked with the Program (the memorandum), or outside of the Program (PhD or a legal note expected from lawyers).

You can find the student’s article there.