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Technical requirements

Climate change challenge for German wine growers

Riesling is a particulary sensitive variety. Global warming makes wine growers thinking twice about a possible replacement for traditional varieties.

Read the article on wine-searcher.

Technical requirements

Protecting food and drink names after Brexit

The UK government recently updated the rules regarding the protection of products names after leaving the EU. The government assures that the rules will comply with WTO's reglementation.

See the article on the UK's government website.

Technical requirements

Let’s talk about Cognac

As for most wine and spirit, Cognac has some specifications from a legal point of view. The technical requirements (translated by "Cahier des charges" in French) is quite unique and deserves a closser look.

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Technical requirements

Harmonization of the Chilean wine regulations with OIV’s provisions

The OIV continues its mission of harmonizing the regulation of its members regarding wine making.
Chile adopted the 24th December 2019 a new reglementation on wine making for environmental and economical improvement but also agreed upon the use of water in the wine making process...

Read more about that on OVW's website.

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