“Wine & Law in the EU” is a diploma course given in English, bringing together professors specializing in European and international wine law, and is aimed at an international audience of students and professionals specializing in European and international wine law. The only project of vitivinicultural interest at international level to benefit from the “Jean Monnet Module” labeling and funding by the European Commission, the program allows those who wish to take the final exam to validate a diploma university. The program is accompanied by various events starting with the “Annual Global Wine Law Lecture”. It is a conference given by a prestigious personality on a subject relating to the international wine trade, followed by a discussion with the public and a reception.

Number of participants: 10 to 30.

Profile of the participants: Professionals in the wine sector, Master level students or researchers.

Application conditions:

  • Hold a university license (or equivalent)
  • Or be a Professional in the wine sector, food industry etc., with experience of at least 5 years
  • Very good knowledge of English (TOEFL exam or other certification, on request)

Objectives of the program:

  • to present the stakes related to the European regulations in the wine sector
  • analyze the questions raised by the international wine trade
  • promote the cultural richness of the Champagne wine terroir
  • facilitate contacts and dialogue between the region and foreign actors and professionals
  • familiarize students with the world and the wine sector
  • promote training and research of the URCA in wine law

Validation of the university diploma: Written exams (2h test).



Application Form