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Exceptional regulation

Climate change is everyone’s problem

While global warming is already producing its effects on the wine sector, everyone has to adapt for a greener wine making process.

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"Six Environmental Threats That Could Alter the Future of the Booze Industry"

Exceptional regulation

Southern African ban on alcohol has been lifted

A few weeks ago South Africa enforced a second ban on alcohol trade to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Last week, president Cyril Ramaphosa announced the lift on alcohol ban.

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Exceptional regulation

New rules for alcohol sales in Scotland

The spread of Covid-19 pushed the Scottish government to take new measures regarding alcohol sales. Consumption of alcohol outdoor is banned and there are new rules for "click and collect" businesses.

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Exceptional regulation

New US taxes on wine and Cognac

2021 started with the announcement from the US government of a new tax on European goods, including Cognac and Brandy. This new tax is aiming mainly at France and Germany.

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Exceptional regulation

New alcohol ban in South Africa

In order ot fight the Covid-19 pandemic, South Africa took the decision to enforce new measures. Among those, Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa announced a new ban on alcohol sales.

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Exceptional regulation

Kenya limits the sales of alcohol

As in a few countries, alcohol sales have been limited in Kenya to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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Exceptional regulation

New rules for winegrowers in California to fight Covid-19

California enforced a new protocol to prevent the spreading of the Covid-19 pandemic by workers in the vineyard.

Read the article on MorningAgClips.

Exceptional regulation

Alcohols bans in the US to fight Covid-19

While the Covid-19 pandemic keeps on spreading, some states take measures to prevent more cases. In some states, a ban of alcohol is enforced.

There is a ban of alcohol in :

Ohio might follow that example.

Exceptional regulation

Harvest management during Covid-19 in the Southern Hemisphere

The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted a lot of industries, along which, the wine sector. The impact of the pandemic is even stronger on the Souther Hemisphere vineyard as it striked as the harvest was about to begin. The OIV gathered data on the crisis management and the decisions that are necessery to learn from.

Find the article of the OIV.

Exceptional regulation

To face the Covid-19 epidemic, France support the wine sector

Whilst the Covid-19 epidemic hits the balance of the wine sector, some country decided to dedicate a part of their budget to support the business. France decided to financially support the local producers.

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