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Geographical Indications

3 500 GIs in the EU

2023 is the year the 3 500th Geographical Indication has been registered. The number is significatif and a good reprensentation of the tendency of protecting IP rights for agricultural products.

Read the article on the European Commission's website.

Geographical Indications, International Law

The EU-Korea trade agreement adds new GI’s to be protected

The protocol of negociation of a bilateral trade agreement includes the possibility to add new products to be protected under the agreement. This is precisely what happened regarding the agreement between EU and Korea.

Read the article on the European Commission's website.

Geographical Indications

New GIs in the UK

A lot of circonstances, including Brexit and climate change might lead the UK in the registration of more GIs and PDOs in the nea future. This summer, a new PDO for wine has been registered under the name "Sussex". This registration follows the new protocol intended by the new UK GI scheme.


Geographical Indications, European Law

New trade agreement between New-Zealand and the EU soon to be enforced

The New-Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry just released a draft of an ongoing negociation for a Trade Agreement with the EU. As of yet, the Agreement offers to recognize and protect more than 2 000 european GI's.

Find the Agreement on NZ's Foreign Affairs and Trade website.

Appellation of Origin, Geographical Indications

The OIV revises its definitions of GI and AO

The OIV pursue its work on defining and promoting appellations of origin and geographical indications on an international level. During the last General Assembly, the definition of AO and GI have been revised to take in consideration the promotion and protection of those concepts.

Find the article on OIV's website.

Geographical Indications

Protection of GIs in China

EUIPO presents a short video about the protection of GIs in China. The subject is dealt with Mr. Massimo Vittori and presents the situation of GIs protection from a producter's persepective.

See the video on YouTube.

Geographical Indications

Lisbon Agreement’s Geneva Act receives first geographical indication

Cambodia inogurated the Lisbon Agreement's Geneva Act by registering the first geographical indication through the Lisbon System.

Find the press release here.

Geographical Indications

Strengthening geographical indications – online conference

On 25 and 26 November, the Agriculture and Rural Development Commission will hold an online conference on measures to "strengthen GI's". There will be a large consultation of stakeholders. This event will be followed by an other conference named "Trade Marks and Geographical Indications: future perspectives".

Find the details on the

Geographical Indications

China draft provisions on GIs

Following the recent agreement between China and the EU, China released provisions on geographical indications.

Find the draft on natlawreview.

Geographical Indications

Signature of the agreement between China and the EU regarding the GI protection

A bilateral agreement was signed earlier this month regarding the protection of European Geographical Indications in China and the protection of chineese GIs in Europe.
This agreement allows to be enthousiastic about the protection of European products in China and about a good economical dynamic in the future.

Find the press release on the European Commission's website.

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