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Appellation of Origin

Evocation and deception Nosecco v Prosseco

Registering a brand name is always a difficult task. There is a fair number of product protected by either a PDO or a GI.
The case Nosecco v Prosseco is a good example of just that.

See the article on novagraaf.

Appellation of Origin

Appellations of origin, names and protection

In order to protect their products, winegrowers over the world had to protect their wine from unlegitimate usage. Over the centuries, it seems that the designated way of protection for a product was its name.
Then one understand the absolut necessity of the strong protection of a product's name by a the legal way.

The article from winespectator dives in the details of such protection.

Appellation of Origin

Ease of the registration for Switz’s appellations of origin

With the enforcement of the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement, the Federal Concil proposed that Swirtzerland accedes to the Geneva Act, allowing a way easier process of registration for the Switz's appellations of origin.

Read the article on the Federal Department of Justice.

Appellation of Origin

Geneva Act of WIPO’s Lisbon Agreement Enforced

The Act of Geneva is now enforced. The Act creates a new procedure of registration for geographical indications for wine, among other products. The registration has to be made through WIPO.

Read the whole article on WIPO's website.

Free trade, Appellation of Origin

Committee on International Trade validates free trade deal with Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most important trade partner with EU - the second most important partner in the ASEAN. A free trade deal just got validated by the Committee on International Trade.
The deal details - among other things - progressive removal of custom duties on wine and the recognition of Appellations of Origin like Champagne.

Read more about that on the European Parliament website.

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