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The concerns regarding WHO’s policy for alcohol in 2022

The wine sector issued concerns regarding the statement of the World Health Organisation to enforce "a global strategy to reduce the harmful use of alcohol". The image of alcoholic beverages might be affected by such policy.

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Alcohol sales

Champagne sales are back on track

Whilst the pandemic hit hard the wine industry, affecting both the local sales and exportations, the situation seems to be back on track with Champagne sales for 2021 planned to be higher than 2019.

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Alcohol sales

Chinese tariffs have an impact on Australian vineyard

The commercial relation between China and Australia resemble a love story: both countries have a strong affinity together, but they can't help having casual disagreements. The lastest plot deals with Chinese tariffs and their consequences on Australian vineyard.

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Alcohol sales

Alcohol sales droped during the pandemic

Many studies predicted it, alcohol sales during the pandemic took a serious hit: a drop of 6% according to the drinks business. However Champagne held a bit better than still wines.

Global alcohol sales fell 6% during the pandemic.

In focus: Champagne sparkles in the fine wine market.

Alcohol sales

The Champagne reaction to Covid-19

Following the path of the whole wine industry, Champagne got heavily impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Howerver, it seems that the world's most famous sparkling wine is bouncing back.

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Alcohol sales

Anticipated volumes of wine in 2020 is below average

The OIV gave a live-streamed press conference on October 27, presenting the anticipated wine production for 2020. The numbers are quite concerning as it appears that wine production will decrease a second year in a row. It shall be remembered that 2018 was a particularly abundant year for wine growers.

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Alcohol sales

Covid-19 impacts heavily Champagne sales

The Covid-19 pandemic has a direct impact on alcohol sales around the world. Even the most famous one can't go through the crisis unaffected.

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Alcohol sales

How could Brexit change the wine trade?

There are still a lot of studies and expectations regarding the consequences of Brexit on the wine sector. This is particulary true for wine trade. IWSR offers to study 6 ways the wine trade could be affected by Brexit.

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Alcohol sales

Alcohol and tobacco ban remains enforced during lockdown

South Africa confirmed its decision of a temporary ban on alcohol and tobacco "throughout the lockdown period" says the Government.

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Alcohol sales

South Africa bans alcohol sales again to fight against Covid-19

Earlier this year South Africa, among other countries, decided to ban alcohol sales to prevent people to spread the Covid-19 virus. President Cyril Ramaphosa stated that the peak of infection is ahead and that this measure in necessary to save lives.

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