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The Scotch Whisky Association commits toward environmental sustainability

The Scotch Whisky Association has been formally announced as an official Race to Zero partner ahead of COP26 in November. The aim is to go toward environmental sustainability by 2040.

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Appellation of Origin, Geographical Indications

The OIV revises its definitions of GI and AO

The OIV pursue its work on defining and promoting appellations of origin and geographical indications on an international level. During the last General Assembly, the definition of AO and GI have been revised to take in consideration the promotion and protection of those concepts.

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Alcohol sales

Chinese tariffs have an impact on Australian vineyard

The commercial relation between China and Australia resemble a love story: both countries have a strong affinity together, but they can't help having casual disagreements. The lastest plot deals with Chinese tariffs and their consequences on Australian vineyard.

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Appellation of Origin, European Law

The Munich Higher Regional Court gives credit to the Champagne PDO

The case is well known: an ice cream with Champagne as an ingredient was briefly sold by Aldi. The Comité Champagne opposed Aldi the status of Champagne as a Protected Designation of Origin. After several decisions brought by the German and european authorities, the Munich Higher Regional Court gives credit to the world's most famous PDO.

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Technical requirements

Climate change challenge for German wine growers

Riesling is a particulary sensitive variety. Global warming makes wine growers thinking twice about a possible replacement for traditional varieties.

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Editorial, Featured

Jus Vini n°2 – 2021 : Editorial

With the release of the next issue of Jus Vini, you can already read the Editorial written by Theodore Georgopoulos.

Jus Vini n°2 - 2021 : Editorial : Is Wine Law Threatened with Extinction?

Table of contents, Featured

Jus Vini n°2 – 2021 : Table of Contents

The next issue of Jus Vini, n°2 of 2021 is about to be released. As a teaser, you can find the table of contents right below and an abstract for the incoming articles.

Table of content, Jus Vini n°2 - 2021.

Alcohol sales

Alcohol sales droped during the pandemic

Many studies predicted it, alcohol sales during the pandemic took a serious hit: a drop of 6% according to the drinks business. However Champagne held a bit better than still wines.

Global alcohol sales fell 6% during the pandemic.

In focus: Champagne sparkles in the fine wine market.


Water in wine

The OIV published a new document dealing with the use of sustainable water in Winegrape vineyards’ production.

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Climate change worries winegrowers in New-Zealand

For a few years now do we anticipate the effects and consequences of climate change. Winegrowers in New-Zealand are concerned about the effect of global warming on their wine.

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