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Exceptional regulation

Wine and Spirits competitions – derogatory measures

The impact of the epidemic has consequences on wine and spirits competitions. The rules for geographical representation of jurors at International competitions was adressed by OIV.

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Increased wine consumption during US lockdown benefits local winery

The situation is similar in some countries: the lockdown leads to an increase of wine consumption. Local wine consumption it is.

Read the article about the situation in the US.


Marketing a brand during Covid-19

Trish Barry, founder of Mastermind Consulting shares a few tips to market wine during the Covid-19 epidemic.

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The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on wine sales in Meditarranean countries

The OIV released some data about the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the wine economy. It appears that Mediterranean countries are particulary affected by the current situation.

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Alcohol sales online in the US rises during the epidemic

With lockdowns around the world, e-commerce increased severely regarding wine sales. Some says that it might be the new major way to buy alcohol worldwide.
The US is following the same path.

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State of the viticultural sector in 2019

The OIV presented the state of the global wine production, consumption and international trade in 2019.

There is the report.

The Covid-19 crisis takes a serious place in those data as it may cut half of the wine sales in the EU.

Coronavirus may cut wine sales in Europe by half: OIV.

Geographical Indications

Geographical Indications – a European treasure worth €75 billion

According to the European Commission, registering and protecting a product as a GI is worthed :  "the sales value of a product with a protected name is on average double that for similar products without a certification." There are 3 322 GIs registered in March 2020, and the number keeps growing.

Read the press release.

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How Covid-19 influences wine sales in the US ?

Facing the lockdown situation, wine sales have been heavily impacted.
There is an opinon about the post-coronavirus situation.

Read the article on Forbes.

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The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on wine business in Australia

The epidemic has a huge impact on the wine sector. Wether it is on export or local industries. See below:

Coronavirus’ Continued Brutal Impact On The Wine Business.

Wine exports positive but pandemic impacts yet to come.

One-third of Australia's wineries could go under because of coronavirus pandemic, industry warns.

Alcohol sales

E-commerce boost for alcohol during lockdown in China

According to Euromonitor, the E-commerce boost for alcohol during lockdown in China might perpetuate after the crisis.

The article from Food navigator-asia.

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