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European Law

The wine sector participation to “Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan”

Following the publication of the European Commission Communication on “Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan”, the wine sector, through CEEV's statement, assures its support to reducing the harmful use of alcohol.

Find the statement on CEEV's website.


The impact of Covid-19 on the cork sector

The pandemic affected the wine sector as a whole. A survey adressed to the cork sector tries to show the impact of Covid-19 on the sector.

Find the article on the Portuguese government's website.

Exceptional regulation

Southern African ban on alcohol has been lifted

A few weeks ago South Africa enforced a second ban on alcohol trade to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Last week, president Cyril Ramaphosa announced the lift on alcohol ban.

See the article on the drinks business.

Geographical Indications

Lisbon Agreement’s Geneva Act receives first geographical indication

Cambodia inogurated the Lisbon Agreement's Geneva Act by registering the first geographical indication through the Lisbon System.

Find the press release here.


US Webinar 2021 – US Trade Policies under the new Administration

A webinar will take place on February, 4 and deals the new American Administration and the implications for the wine sector, especially regarding Trade Policies.

Registration is necessary to attend the webinar.

Find the details on AIDV's website.

Exceptional regulation

New rules for alcohol sales in Scotland

The spread of Covid-19 pushed the Scottish government to take new measures regarding alcohol sales. Consumption of alcohol outdoor is banned and there are new rules for "click and collect" businesses.

See the article on the drinks business.


The UK joins the OIV

There are better news than Brexit this year : the UK and Northern Island joined the OIV on the 1st January 2021.

Find the OIV's press release.

Exceptional regulation

New US taxes on wine and Cognac

2021 started with the announcement from the US government of a new tax on European goods, including Cognac and Brandy. This new tax is aiming mainly at France and Germany.

Find the article on thespiritbusiness.

Find the article on supplychaindive.

Exceptional regulation

New alcohol ban in South Africa

In order ot fight the Covid-19 pandemic, South Africa took the decision to enforce new measures. Among those, Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa announced a new ban on alcohol sales.

See the article on thedrinksbusiness.


OIV’s new resolutions

The General assembly of the OIV voted 18 new resolutions for the year to come. Among those resolutions, there are the implantation of sustainable viticulture, the digital adaptation for the wine sector and the adoption of Russian as a new official language.

Find more details on OIV's website.

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