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South Africa’s wine industry about to collapse?

The last article on the siutation of the South African vineyard published by Forbes is quite worrying. The Covid-19 pandemic in addition with the alcohol sales ban will be a direct hit to the wine sector.

Read the article on Forbes.

Exceptional regulation

Kenya limits the sales of alcohol

As in a few countries, alcohol sales have been limited in Kenya to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Read the article on bloomberg.

Exceptional regulation

New rules for winegrowers in California to fight Covid-19

California enforced a new protocol to prevent the spreading of the Covid-19 pandemic by workers in the vineyard.

Read the article on MorningAgClips.


The impact of enotourism on the environment

An Australian study measures the imapct of enotourism on the environment, particulary the Greenhouse gases emissions.

Read the study on Science and Wine.

Exceptional regulation

Alcohols bans in the US to fight Covid-19

While the Covid-19 pandemic keeps on spreading, some states take measures to prevent more cases. In some states, a ban of alcohol is enforced.

There is a ban of alcohol in :

Ohio might follow that example.

Appellation of Origin

Evocation and deception Nosecco v Prosseco

Registering a brand name is always a difficult task. There is a fair number of product protected by either a PDO or a GI.
The case Nosecco v Prosseco is a good example of just that.

See the article on novagraaf.

Alcohol sales

Alcohol and tobacco ban remains enforced during lockdown

South Africa confirmed its decision of a temporary ban on alcohol and tobacco "throughout the lockdown period" says the Government.

Read the article on capetownetc.

Alcohol sales

South Africa bans alcohol sales again to fight against Covid-19

Earlier this year South Africa, among other countries, decided to ban alcohol sales to prevent people to spread the Covid-19 virus. President Cyril Ramaphosa stated that the peak of infection is ahead and that this measure in necessary to save lives.

See articles on the BBC website.

And on the drinkbusiness.


Napa’s tasting rooms and restaurants closed again

Even if the Covid-19 pandemic tends to go back under control in some countries, there still are some cluster where a spike of contamination can be found. Napa Valley is one of those cluster and measures were taken to prevent further spreading of the virus.

Read the article on wine-searcher.

Alcohol sales

The wine sector could be particulary sensitive to the Covid-19 epidemic

According to a IWSR analysis, wine sales are likely to drop by up to 13.6% worldwide during 2020. It would also appear that the recovery for the wine sector could take longer than the beer and spirit business.

Read more in the article from VINEX.

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