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Ingredients on wine label: a study on consumer’s perception

A study dealing with: "Wine labelling with the list of ingredients: context, consumer’s perception and future challenges" was just released in anticipation of the new European reglementation. The study questions the perception by the consumer of different types of ingredients on the label.

Read the study here.


Climate change: an opportunity for some?

As shown in the study below, climate change might not cause trouble for everyone. Whilst the phenomenon is not new, climate change could be beneficial for the UK vineyard, as for the German and Canadian ones.

Read the article on

Geographical Indications

New GIs in the UK

A lot of circonstances, including Brexit and climate change might lead the UK in the registration of more GIs and PDOs in the nea future. This summer, a new PDO for wine has been registered under the name "Sussex". This registration follows the new protocol intended by the new UK GI scheme.


Geographical Indications, European Law

New trade agreement between New-Zealand and the EU soon to be enforced

The New-Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry just released a draft of an ongoing negociation for a Trade Agreement with the EU. As of yet, the Agreement offers to recognize and protect more than 2 000 european GI's.

Find the Agreement on NZ's Foreign Affairs and Trade website.

Focus, Trademark law

Gin and Intellectual Property

To celebrate the World Gin Day, Novagraaf published an article on some IP elements such as brand registration of such product.

Read the article on Novagraaf.

Intellectual Property

Wine brands in the Metavers

The Metavers is a new digital world in which the brands have a place and need protection. This is the thesis developed by Katja Loeffelholz in an article on Lex Vini.

Find the article here.


Will Climate Change be a good thing for wine in England ?

The question is legitimate. For a while, some people were speculating about English Champagne. This article gives an insight at what might be the situation in a few years.


International Law

New Trade Agreement between Australia and India

Signing on a new trade agreement between two countries often means an increase in goods trade from all types. The latest one between India and Australia sounds like a happy event for the wine industry.


Featured, European Law

Wine Law in the European Union – Summer School – May 2022

The 11th edition of the Summer School will take place in Reims from 2 to 6 May 2022. The “Wine & Law in the EU” is a diploma course given in English, bringing together professors specializing in European and international wine law, and is aimed at an international audience of students and professionals specializing in European and international wine law.

More informations and application here.

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Moot Court 2022

The new edition of the AIDV Robert Tinlot - Moot Court takes place on 14 and 15 March. It is a fictiv procedure contest amongst students from universities in Alicante, Reims, Roma, Strasboug and USAL (Buenos Aires).

Find more details below.

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