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Exceptional regulation

New US taxes on wine and Cognac

2021 started with the announcement from the US government of a new tax on European goods, including Cognac and Brandy. This new tax is aiming mainly at France and Germany.

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Exceptional regulation

New alcohol ban in South Africa

In order ot fight the Covid-19 pandemic, South Africa took the decision to enforce new measures. Among those, Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa announced a new ban on alcohol sales.

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OIV’s new resolutions

The General assembly of the OIV voted 18 new resolutions for the year to come. Among those resolutions, there are the implantation of sustainable viticulture, the digital adaptation for the wine sector and the adoption of Russian as a new official language.

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OIV Webinar : Natural wines – beyond the philosophy

OIV's next webinar takes place on december 15, 2020 and deals with natural wines. Registration to the event is requiered.

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Featured, European Law

The plans for future of IP policy in Europe

The European Concil recently published its conclusion about the policy regarding intellectual property in Europe. Keywords are transparency, efficiency and simplicity.

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Alcohol sales

The Champagne reaction to Covid-19

Following the path of the whole wine industry, Champagne got heavily impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Howerver, it seems that the world's most famous sparkling wine is bouncing back.

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Intellectual Property

A new Australian method to fight wine fraud

A new method of identifying the origin of wine was developped by the University of Adelaide and its results looks promising. Counterfeit in the wine industry has always been an issue from a commercial and a legal perspective.

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Intellectual Property

The necessity of using a Trademark

After the registration of a trademark, there are still a few obligations left for the owner to protect its trademark. One of these is the obligation of use the trademark.

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Alcohol sales

Anticipated volumes of wine in 2020 is below average

The OIV gave a live-streamed press conference on October 27, presenting the anticipated wine production for 2020. The numbers are quite concerning as it appears that wine production will decrease a second year in a row. It shall be remembered that 2018 was a particularly abundant year for wine growers.

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Geographical Indications

Strengthening geographical indications – online conference

On 25 and 26 November, the Agriculture and Rural Development Commission will hold an online conference on measures to "strengthen GI's". There will be a large consultation of stakeholders. This event will be followed by an other conference named "Trade Marks and Geographical Indications: future perspectives".

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