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tdl < 1 minute Jus Vini Blog is online, this is why.


The EU Updates its Spirit Regulation : Regulation 2019/787

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tdl 23 minutes “This Article looks at the details of the changes with regards to the protection of spirit drinks as geographical indications, as well as some of the other significant changes introduced.”

Exceptional regulation

Alcohol ban in South Africa dring lockdown

The rumors about a possible ban of alcohol beverages during lockdown in the UK, proved to be wrong.

Meanwhile, in South Africa, the ban has been enforced: this is why.

Exceptional regulation

Harvesting during lockdown

In order to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, many countries around the world are under lockdown.
While the lockdown has a relatively low impact on the Northern hemisphere’s vineyard, the Southern hemisphere’s one faces heavier consequences, due to the fact that the harvest happens between Februray and April.

Each country must decide if the harvest – and the viticultural work by extension – is necessary to the economy.

The following countries decided so:

European Law

The European Commission agrees upon financial support for small enterprises

The European Commission authorised a €1,2 billion scheme to support small enterprises called the "fond de solidarité". This temporary measure will help the most fragile businesses to survive to the Covid-19 crisis.

Read the press release here.

Exceptional regulation

NYSLA restrictions facing Covid-19

The State of New-York is one of the most affected State by the Covid-19 epidemic in the US.

To avoid further spreading, the New-York State Liquor Authority took measures regarding on-premises sales of Alcohol.

Find more information about those mesures on Lyndsey A. Zahn’s On Reserve website.

Selling Alcohol

In the US, are liquor stores “essential” businesses?

tdl < 1 minute In the US, the stay-at-home order means that any “non essential” business must be closed. In many states, liquor stores are allowed to stay opend and falls under the definition of an “essential business”. It is the case for the… Continue Reading →

Exceptional regulation, European Law

European Commission’s support to agri-food sector

While the Covid-19 epidemic continues, the agri-food sector is one of the most impacted industry. It has an essentiel part for every nation.
To protect the fragilized sector, the European Commission took exceptional measures.

Find those measures on the European Commission's website.

The European Commission also facilitates states support to business facing the epidemic, as described on ReedSmith's website.

Geographical Indications

Ukraine harmonizes its GI’s law with EU

The modification of the protection of GI's in Ukraine is a big step toward an harmonization of its legislation with EU standarts. It went from a "exclusive right" over the GI - similar to a Trademark - to a collective right.
The Ukrainian legisaltion on GI's has been harmonized with Regulation (EU) 1151/2012.

Read the article on the International Trademark Association's website.


Promoting wine during the Covid-19 epidemic: the EU-US Trade Dispute might pay off

tdl < 1 minute The Covid-19 epidemic has a tremendous impact on the wine industry. However, it seems that two regulations implemented to adress the EU-US trade disruption might help to ease the situation.

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