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The EU Updates its Spirit Regulation : Regulation 2019/787

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tdl 23 minutes “This Article looks at the details of the changes with regards to the protection of spirit drinks as geographical indications, as well as some of the other significant changes introduced.”

Appellation of Origin

Appellations of origin, names and protection

In order to protect their products, winegrowers over the world had to protect their wine from unlegitimate usage. Over the centuries, it seems that the designated way of protection for a product was its name.
Then one understand the absolut necessity of the strong protection of a product's name by a the legal way.

The article from winespectator dives in the details of such protection.


WHO synthesis report : labelling practice in the EU and labelling policy

Labelling is a widely debated topic in the wine industry. Its importance is not to prove and the elements that should mandatory be on a label are debated. WHO just published a synthesis on the european practices, the barriers and facilitators to development and implementation of alcohol labelling policy which includes health and nutritional informations.

Find the report here.

Alcohol sales

Fighting counterfeit with blockchain

Struggle against wine counterfeit exist since the very beginning of its creation and one of the main issue producers and lawyers have to fight against.
An Australian company designed a technology usisng blockchain that might help to prevent such counterfeit.

Read the article on

Exceptional regulation

Harvest management during Covid-19 in the Southern Hemisphere

The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted a lot of industries, along which, the wine sector. The impact of the pandemic is even stronger on the Souther Hemisphere vineyard as it striked as the harvest was about to begin. The OIV gathered data on the crisis management and the decisions that are necessery to learn from.

Find the article of the OIV.

Appellation of Origin

Ease of the registration for Switz’s appellations of origin

With the enforcement of the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement, the Federal Concil proposed that Swirtzerland accedes to the Geneva Act, allowing a way easier process of registration for the Switz's appellations of origin.

Read the article on the Federal Department of Justice.

Exceptional regulation

To face the Covid-19 epidemic, France support the wine sector

Whilst the Covid-19 epidemic hits the balance of the wine sector, some country decided to dedicate a part of their budget to support the business. France decided to financially support the local producers.

See the article on the drinks business.


Toward a mandatory ingredient labelling on the wine bottle?

Putting the ingredients of any alcoholic beverage on the label of the bottle is a subdject that more people are talking about. Both in the US and in the EU.

Read the article on Forbes.

Alcohol sales

The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the Australian export market

The trend of wine consumption during the Covid-19 pandemic shows that consumers buy local wine. This trend has a noticable impact on the Australian market since January 2020.

Read the article here.

Alcohol sales

The ecommerce trend in India

The Covid-19 crisis brought numerous changes to the habbits of wine consummers around the world. A new trend emerges from the pandemic: ecommerce.
India is seems to have adopted this new way of purchasing alcohol very quickly.

Read the article.

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