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Appellation of Origin, Geographical Indications

The OIV revises its definitions of GI and AO

The OIV pursue its work on defining and promoting appellations of origin and geographical indications on an international level. During the last General Assembly, the definition of AO and GI have been revised to take in consideration the promotion and protection of those concepts.

Find the article on OIV's website.


OIV’s new resolutions

The General assembly of the OIV voted 18 new resolutions for the year to come. Among those resolutions, there are the implantation of sustainable viticulture, the digital adaptation for the wine sector and the adoption of Russian as a new official language.

Find more details on OIV's website.

Technical requirements

Harmonization of the Chilean wine regulations with OIV’s provisions

The OIV continues its mission of harmonizing the regulation of its members regarding wine making.
Chile adopted the 24th December 2019 a new reglementation on wine making for environmental and economical improvement but also agreed upon the use of water in the wine making process...

Read more about that on OVW's website.

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