Wine & Law in the EU – Summer School
Practical Information
DU Droit vitivinicole et des spiritueux
Food Law (M1 course)

Special Topic: Legal Aspects of Wine Import – Export in a Global Environment
June 17-30, 2013
(Inscriptions starting in February)
Faculty Members: Steve Charters (UK/France), Tracy Genesen (USA), Theodore Georgopoulos (France), Vassiliki Ntziora (Greece), Steve Stern (Australia)

The 4th edition of the EU Wine Law Summer School is hosted by the University of Reims School of Law as part of the Wine & Law Program. Located in the heart of Champagne, the University of Reims delivers a two-week intense course program, entirely in English, on the legal aspects of wine trade within and with the European Union.

This year the Program will focus on Comparative Aspects of Import – Export of Wine and Spirits. It will examine different aspects of EU, US and Asutralian Wine Law related to the legal status of domestic and foreign wines. Lectures on wine geography will also be offered. And as always, the Summer School is also about wine tasting, sightseeing and socializing. Receptions, visits to Champagne-related sites and special events are organized for the participants.

The Summer Course takes place in Reims, a city of major importance in European history. Restaurants, bars, museums, sight-seeing as well as some of the most famous Champagne brands make Reims a joyful destination.

Teachers are all well-known university professors specializing in wine law matters, whereas emphasis is given to practical issues and to the regional and global aspects of wine law.

The Summer School is open to students in law, economics, marketing, business administration, and oenology; to professionals working in the wine and the alcohol beverage industry; to researchers on wine issues; and to public servants working on relevant questions.

The program delivers a University Diploma for students succeeding in final examination and a Certificate of Attendance for all other participants, including those not wishing to take the examination.

The Program is supported by the European Commission, which has labeled it as a “Jean Monnet Module”, the CIVC,  the Marne Department, the French Council for Wine and Spirits and the Moët Hennessy Group.
Looking forward to seeing you there!