October 2014 - News :

- 2014 Conference of the AIDV (Beaune France) Click here.
- Professor KC Branch, Attorney of the California Bar Click here.
- Professor Stephen Stern, Attorney at Corrs Chambers Westgarth > (Melourne), Vice-President of the AIDV Click here.
- New book release in the Vin & Droit Series Click here.

Special Lectures

The Wine & Law Program is hosted by the University of Reims. Located in the heart of Champagne and in the heart of Europe, next to Paris, the University of Reims Law School wishes to enhance the legal study and research of wine law.

With the support of the European Commission, local authorities and major private businesses of the wine industry, the Wine & Law Program has the ambition to host various activities: university diplomas, research programs, publication activities, and partnerships with other universities, international organizations and scientific associations.

Starting in June 2010 with the 'Wine and Law in the EU' Summer School (taught in English), the Program will open a Master's degree (Diplôme d'Université) in 2010 (in French) in Wine and Spirits Law, which will focus in both legal practice and research.

Research in the Program is mainly conducted as part of the 'Vigne & Vin' Program which unites 12 different research centres in Social Sciences with a strong interest in wine issues. Legal research is conducted in interaction with these disciplines. In this 'law in context' approach, legal research tries to identity the key-features of a multi-level regulation in the wine and spirits sector. Local settlements (starting from the Champagne example), and the interdependence of national, European and international wine regulations are the major fields of this research.
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